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Deforestation in Haiti 






Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world. Only 2-3% of its original forests remain, and the level of deforestation is so severe that the border between Haiti and its neighbor, the Dominican Republic, can be seen from an airplane (see the photo to the right). There are many complex causes of deforestation in Haiti, which include issues of land tenure and ownership, rapid urban migration, dependence on charcoal as a primary fuel source, the collapse of Haiti's rural economy, lack of capacity to transform or transport agricultural products, and weakness of the Haitian state.  Governments and NGOs have been trying to tackle the deforestation problem in Haiti for decades, and have made little to no progress.


Fondasyon Ginen doesn't believe that a small community park can solve the problem of deforestation in Haiti. Rather, the idea is not the scale, but the sustainability of what we are trying to do. So many massive reforestation projects fail to sustain themselves over time, so we are hoping that developing a very local model of reforestation can help us learn more about what kinds of interventions can be sustained at a community level. Our objective is to take our lessons to other areas of Haiti to scale the idea of community-owned forested spaces throughout the country. 


Debwazman an Ayiti


Ayiti se yon peyi ki plis debwaze nan mond lan. Selman rete 2-3% fore orijinal yo, e nivo debwazman telman mal ke moun kapab we diferans ant Ayiti ak Repiblik Dominiken depi anle (gade foto anle sou men dwat la). Genyen anpil pwoblem ki nan rasin pwoblem debwazman an Ayiti: pwoblem papye te, ekzod riral la, jan moun depann sou chabon, pwoblem ekonomik nan pwovens yo, mank kapasite pou transfome ou transpote pwodwi agrikol yo, febles leta, elatriye. Leta ak ONG yo ap eseye rezoud pwoblem debwazman depi anpil ane, e yo paka reyisi.


Fondasyon Ginen pa kwe ke yon senp ti pak kominote kapab rezoud pwoblem debwazman an Ayiti. Ide a se pa echel pwoje a, men dirabilite pwoje a. Genyen anpil pwoje rebwazman ki gwo anpil, men yo manke dirab. Sa vle di, nou ap eseye etabli yon model lokal pou rebwazman ki kapab ede nou konprann pi byen sou ki kalite pwogram ki pi bon pou kominote a. Objektif nou se pou pran leson nou yo e pataje yo ak lot zon an Ayiti, pou chak kominote nan peyi a genyen yon  espas bwaze ki pou yo.

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