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Child-friendly spaces

6 months ago, we found out that one of the young volunteers in our park in St Raphael was struggling to buy his schoolbooks. We decided to buy him his books for the year and a backpack, and it cost $50 in Cap Haitian. It made us wonder how any rural family could afford these costs, and gave us the idea to start a library in our park to lend local students the books they need for school. Once we had the idea of the library, it pushed us to think about how we could turn Pak Nan Ginen into a child-friendly space that encourages learning and environmental stewardship.

Our initiative for 2017 is to build the following:

-A library that has books on civic and environmental education, and books required by local schools that can be lent to students who cannot afford to buy their own.

-A small playground for younger children

-A soccer pitch for older children

Thanks to grants from the Pollination Project and the McKnight Foundation (through Future Generations Haiti), we have raised enough to build the library. However, we will still need the help of everyone in the spirit of konbit to help fill he library with books!

If you would like to donate books, please contact us - and if you would like to contribute funds to help us purchase books, please click the donate button to the right.

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Above: renderings of the design for the library. Anwo: desin sou dizay bibliotek lan.


Sa fè 6 mwa depi nou te jwen ke youn nan volontè ke nou genyen nan Pak Nan Ginen yo te nan gwo difikilte pou li te achte liv lekol li. Nou te deside pou nou te achte liv ak valiz pou li pou ane a li te vini anviwon 50 dola amerikan nan Okap.  Sa te pouse nou pou nou te panse «  Koman yon peyizan ap fè jwen kom pou achte liv pou piti yo.  Sa te posue nou panse pou nou mete yon bibliyotèk nan Pak la ki pou prete elèv yo liv key o ap bezwen pou ane lekol yo. Le nou tap panse ak libreri a li tap pouse nou tou wè Pak Nan Ginen kom yon espas ke ka plis bon pou timoun, ki ka ankouraje timoun aprann sou anviwonman yo.

Ide nou pou ane 2017 la se pou konstri bagay sa yo :

-Yon Bibliyotèk ki genyen liv edikatif  sivik, anviwonman ak tout liv ke lekol ki nan zon nan mande yon manyè pou nou ka prete elèv ke paran yo paka achte pou yo.

-Yon ti espas ke timoun ka jwe

-Yon espas fotbal

Mesi pou lajan ke nou jwen nan pollination Project ak Mcknight foundation ak ed Future Generations Haiti. Nou leve ase lajan pou nou konstri kay pou bibliyotèk la. Noua p bezwen èd tout moun nan lespri konbit nou ka ka ranpli bibliyotèk la ak liv.


Si ou ta renmen fe yon donasyon tanpri kontakte nou  e si ou ta renmen kontribiye lajan pou achte liv tanpri klike sou  bouton donasyon an .

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