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Pak nan Ginen is awarded Impact Grant from the Pollination Project

We are honored to announce that the Pollination Project has awarded Pak nan Ginen a $2,500 Impact Grant to support our campaign to build a permanent well on the grounds of our community park.

The Pollination Project (TPP) provides seed funding and start-up grants to social change agents around the world. They support campaigns for social justice, environmental conservation, and community empowerment, and their small strategic grants help to plant the seeds of change all over the world. Pak nan Ginen was already a receipient of an earlier seed grant of $1,000 which helped us to build our choukoun and finish the community latrine.

This grant goes towards our campaign to build a permanent well in the park that will provide us with enough water to run our nursery, expand the coverage of trees, and provide the local community with a source of water. It comes at an important time for us, in the wake of the COP21 conference on climate change in Paris. The attention of the world has been increasingly turning towards combatting climate change, and while global leaders are debating important policy decisions, people like us are doing the best we can to build small but critical changes on the ground.

Our goal is to reach $6,000, and with TPP's grant and the contributions of generous friends, family members, and complete strangers, we have already secured $4,065 in donations (thank you to the Engle Family Giving Funds Lindsay Leigh, Ken and Barbara Carlson, Konbit Mizik, Christophe Robillard, Ashton Rohmer, Luba Lepidus, and Adam Siegel). This means we are more than 2/3 of the way to our goal!

If you are willing and able, please consider giving a donation to our campaign to help us get the last third of the way there...

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