Our Partners. Patne Nou Yo.

Pak nan Ginen has gotten as far as it has thanks to the spirit of konbit - of reciprocity, solidarity, and partnership. We have been lucky to have several formal and informal partnerships that have helped us access technical and material resources that we needed to grow this initiative to what it is today. Here is a list of our core partners and friends:

Pak nan Ginen rive kote li ye akoz lespri konbit lan - resiprosite, solidarite, ak patenarya. Nou te genyen anpil chans pou genyen patenarya fomel ak enfomel ki ede nou genyen akse ak resous teknik ak resous materyel ki ede nou grandi inisyatif sa a pou nou we li jan li ye jounen jodi a. Men yon lis kek patne ak zanmi kle nou yo:

The Wishing Well Society

Based in Canada, this organization supports access to clean water around the world, and helped us to drill our well.


Baze nan Kanada, oganizasyon sa a ede moun jwenn akse ak dlo pwop toupatou nan mond la. Yo ede nou fouye pwi nou an.

Future Generations Haiti

Both founders worked for FGH and is it from them that we developed our approach to community-driven development.

Tou de fondate yo te travay pou FGH e yo itilize metodoloji pa yo pou develope metodoloji pa nou.

Inviduals & Friends

Countless individuals, allies, and friends have helped the park over the years.  Here are just a few of them and how they've helped:

Nou paka kontwole konbyen endividi, alye, ak zanmi te vin ede pak lan. Men yon lis ak nom kek nan yo, e kijan yo te ede:

  • The Engles Family (the well project)

  • Adam Siegel (the well project)

  • The McKenna School of leadership students (the well project)

  • Lindsay Leigh (the well project)

  • Winter Luc (the recycled benches)

  • Beneche Hubert (the recycled benches)

  • Carlson-Lepidus family (the well project, recycled benches, and many more)

  • Michael Ball (the tree nursery)

  • Feniol Robillard (general assistance)

  • Leopold Joseph (construction of choukoun, latrine, and benches)

  • Konpe Filo (donation of mapou seeds)

  • Met Fey Vet (donation of tree seeds)

The Pollination Project

TPP provides small grants to local change-makers with big visions. They supported our well, the choukoun, and community latrine.


TPP ede lide lokal ki ap fe chanjman ak ti proje. Yo te ede pak lan reyalize pwi a, choukoun nan, ak twalet kominote a.

Haiti Communitere

Haiti Communitere is a community resource center in Port au Prince. They supported our tire bench initiative. 


Haiti communitere se yon sant resous kominote nan Potoprens. Yo te bay nou yoon jaret ak pwoje ban an kawoutchou a.

You can help too!
Ou kapab ede tou!

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